Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Wind Rises - analysis!

OK, in the spirit of the new year, putting up a post here and sharing some analysis from one of my online classes dealing with animation layout; particularly 2D layout - still an unappreciated science!
This a sequence from Hayao Miyasaki's last film, The Wind Rises, about the aircraft designer and dreamer, here he has a daydream about attaining his goal, to fly an aircraft of his own design. He flies over a harbour, along a river, beneath bridges, before overflying a town, bringing pleasure to those below.
This is a partial clip of the sequence:

here is a breakdown of the cinematography using some drawovers of the scenes:
first we have Jiro in his plane, the angle is a MS from the side , so a strong movement from screen right to left.
2-cut to MLS, from behind, camera moving in, BG straight toward camera, as plane flies away, forces are simultaneously to and from point at center.
3- shot cont. - action turns to screen left, camera pans to follow
4- cont - plane gains screen left, while moving UP in frame, while a boat enters frame left, moving towards screen right with the pan
5- cont - boat continues to screen right, moving DOWN in frame,
6- CUT to- MLS or full shot, action directly towards camera, BG moving away, but WITH BIAS TO SCREEN LEFT. also scene is staged so BOAT IS SEEN SCREEN RIGHT , where it was in the previous scene, creating some visual continuity, but in the upper part of the frame, avoiding a jump cut.
7- CUT - POV of Jiro, Camera moving directly toward center screen, main action lines are to and from center.
8- CUT - MCU on Jiro - facing camera but still BIAS to screen left, Bg panning/zooming back to a point just off screen.
9- CUT - BACK- WS - to include bridge as he flies toward camera, under bridge, then exits frame screen leftclose to camera, note in most of the shots a strong DIAGONAL from LOWER RIGHT to UPPR LEFT - very deliberate!
10,11- now he CUTS and stages the action from the opposite side, reversing the action lines of the sequence. evrything now moving from left to right.
12,13- cuts to PANNING SHOT - left to right - so KEEPS UP the movement initiated by the previous shot, note long line of smoke moving left to right as well, into upper part of screen right, then plane enters shot form below camera, towards screen center, then turns and flies INTO area set up by smoke action. Over all action lines a re are big curve from lower center to screen right... pretty cool, huh?
14,15,16 - CUT to - down angle, more or less his POV again, crowd on balcony, DIAGONAL PAN, moving lower right to upper left ( again), CUT closer to same , the CUT to - 180 degree angle - which means we n must see him moving from Left to RIGHT.
A bit wordy, but wanted to impress on you the WORK and CARE that goes into staging a sequence like this PLUS creating an appealing and emotion-filled bit of cinema( fun, free, joyful, exhilarating, etc.)
pardon all the junk in the images, I was working from a clip online and wanted to preserve the aspect ratio, i didnt crop out the logos etc.
cheers! scott

Friday, December 30, 2016

rowland emmett at OSC

The Ontario Science centre is putting it's collection of Rowland Emmett whimsical kinetic sculptures on display over the Christmas season, as they do each year. If you are not aware of Emmett and his work, or
haven't seen these, they are astounding - no digital enhancement, no computers, just mechanical creativity in action before your very eyes. So to make this a more special event, i am going to lead a RefSketch outing to go see - and DRAW -  them. Anyone welcome! see the info attached:

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

What the hell? For the last six months , i couldn't seem to get onto my own blog. That plus the intrusion of other social media - Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, the various forums that I contribting to by way of my online teaching - it has all drawn me away from this site.  Meant a long hiatus. Imagine my pleasure and frustration when i tried today and find that I am able to post. All this stopping and starting isn't good in the long run, at least  given the purpose of the blog, which is to attract attention for possible employment, visibility within the artistic community,but seems to be a pattern for me; hot and cold. So, a bit deflated, but hope springs eternal, so will attempt another round of blogging. Plenty to talk about since the the last one.

Contributed to my first ever Kickstarter campaign, for a book on Ken Dallison, Toronto illustrator extraordinaire, at least to those of us in the field in the 70s and 80s - being put together by Leif peng, of Today's Inspiration Press.

April has come and gone, but here is a memeory, afavourite illustration i have had ov er th edesk for years, comes in and out of the drawer depending on the season.

Even before that, we had March - this was a quick cartoon for thte middle of the month:

Meant to post this somewhere after I did some more time out at Sheridan - i always love the take the students do on us  - Thanks, Jade!

And this is the biggest thing for me in the last year - attempting to launch something that will go beyond the regular workaday - a series of workshops designed to help people with their drawing and appreciation of research and reference, which i am always going on about - we have done four events so far since February, very successful artistically if not financially - drawing at the ROM, at Kaj Pindals' backyard and at the Tall Ship festival at Harbourfront in July. Will be posting more on this soon. Follow on Facebook at:

Thursday, September 17, 2015

2D motion test

A quick motion test, done using Photoshop: a simple sketch, applied transformation tool and added a short panning move. Very simply done, but gives surprising good sense of 3D...looks like one of those helicopter shots.


Wednesday, September 9, 2015

end of summer

An image that was not done recently but captures the feeling of the approach of the end of the sailing season....

Monday, April 27, 2015

More 2D Camera Movement

Here's a better one..

here I imagine a young person , full of spit and vinegar, wanting to do something amazing, and actually pulling it off.  Yes, very clever very perceptive, also technically savvy. Well.

Samurai Jack vs the Shinobi Shadow Warrior

experiment to see how easy it is to post form Youtube...

example of camera moves brought into class...

sure holds up..hard to believe this is already 20 yrs old.